Rental hall

The place is located in a former Špejchar in beautiful surroundings Chvalský zámek in Horní Počernice  with an area of 130 m2 and a capacity of 150 people. They also have kitchen facilities, bar and cloakroom. The hall is designed not only for exhibition purposes, but also other cultural events, conferences, seminars and corporate events.

On the ground floor you can also use our stylish  old restaurant Špejchar with 50 seats and a summer outdoor seating with a capacity of 150 people.



Price for rent 

Price for energy

1 – 3 hours

1.000,- Kč /hod.

200,- Kč/hod.

4 – 7 hours

800,- Kč/hod.

200,- Kč/hod.

8 more hours

600,- Kč/hod.

200,- Kč/hod.

24 hours

6.000,- Kč

2.000,- Kč

1 month

20.000,- Kč