• Introduction

    Since 1991 Atelier Fiala has specialized in antiquities. Our restorers completely renovate antique furniture and returne back original beauty and luster. We started specializing in arts and antiques and monuments of wood. The company managed to build a stable team of professional on excellent level and thanks to the large share of public and private contracts, we were able to expand and focus on other professional activities. Today Altelier Fiala covers many artistic disciplines, which are now united in a baroque building called "House of Art" in beautiful surroundings Chvalská tvrz in Horní Počernice.

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We offer

  • Restorer of antique furniture

    We realize complete restoration of antique furniture for all antique wood furniture. Restoring shell of furniture, veneer surfaces and massive parts including upholstery.

    Sale of antique furniture

    Antique furniture not only repair, but also we sell or we will arrange the sale. We offer antique furniture for sale and you will find sofas, tables, chairs, antique watch, lamps and more.

    Sale of paintings and gallery

    Our portfolio of paintings for sale includes both - antique paintings and contemporary works.

    Renovation of old paintings

    We can make the old frames as well as repair antique frames for your paintings. If you need to renovate both - painting and frame, we offer you our specialists. Likewise, we can restore the murals. Also we can restore the murals.


We offer

Antique clock

It's been more than a year since I discovered the treasure I mentioned in the French town of Collobriéres near Saint-Tropez, which I mentioned in one of my articles. The amazing rococo clocks are from the creator Charles Boulle, who was a prominent ebenist at the Royal Court of Louis XIV. at the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries. Unique, and very valuable, console clocks have been waiting for centuries to recover and discover another year in our workshop. They are now ready for the new owner. Read more.