Gilding and carving

Gilding and carvings in most of our orders go hand in hand. This means that it is first necessary to restore the wooden carvings, add a missing pieces and unify surface and only then comes the gilder. He must remove the damaged original gilding, restore the surface required under the gold leaf.

The final gilding can patinate according to the wishes of the client. Gilding is the top specialization of restoration. Our experts with twenty years of experience and licenses MK are able to cooperate with other disciplines such as carving, sculpture etc., restore the gilding and laminating at any scale and in different variants. We work with sliced metals or metal and based on the summety of the restoration plan and of course in cooperation with the client.

If you are interested in our restorers peek behind the scenes and learn about the techniques and procedures for the various stages of restoration, please visit sectionA few words.