No-sales gallery J.Fiala


Allow me to these pages offer little tour through our virtual gallery that carries the name of my great-grandfather, painter Josef Fiala.

Paintings and documents relating to the person of my ancestor I have accumulated over the past many years. Some I got from my father and grandfather to the birth, baptism, and the other part was inherited. Most of the paintings I received a not-so-straight way. Many I've auctioned off at auction, bought as some random antiques and some paintings offered me collectors who knew about my passion for work my grandfather. But even distant relatives supported me what i intend to amass the largest collection of  paintings and frames, as well as the originals of documents from the life of the artist and his former family.

In this section, I present the first part of the paintings, in other categories, you find important works and interest. They show mostly ordinary people, whether at work in the fields or in the woods. Favorite topic of Josef Fiala were children, the children of the rural poor families  in their daily games, children's sadness and joy. In many of these works is captured the painter's beloved Vysočina, but here are a few less usual topics of Chod´s winter landscape.

I wish you a pleasant experience from this tour and I believe that once we meet personally when I wil able to realize my idea of a comprehensive collection of the restored works painter Josef Fiala, which I want to expose in the stone gallery.