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Sculptor or furniture maker



Charles Cressent (1685–1768) was a sculptor and French furniture-maker and the two professions were linked together. He was likewise a sculptor, and among his plastic work is known to have been a bronze bust of Louis, the son of Philip II, Duke of Orléans, for whom Cressent had made one of the finest examples of French furniture of the 18th century the famous medaillier now in the Bibliothèque Nationale. As the second son of François Cressent, sculpteur du roi, and grandson of Charles Cressent, a furniture-maker of Amiens, who also became a sculptor, he inherited the tastes and aptitudes which were likely to make a finished designer and craftsman. Even more important perhaps was the fact that he was a pupil of André Charles Boulle. Cressent's bronze mounts were executed with a sharpness of finish and a grace and vigour of outline.




His female figures placed at the corners of tables are indeed among the most delicious achievements of the great days of the French metal worker. The Rococo style of furnishings provided luxury and artistic value. His furniture became so demanding in the highest circles of the then society. Cressent became one of the most valued creators of 18th-century French furniture.



His solitary pieces are found in the most important European palaces. At present, we have the honor of taking the renovation of a gorgeous womens writing desk, rich in bronze decoration. The combination of graceful shapes with precision intarsia with a quality palisander veneer and bronze castings of girl and plant shapes tells us in the wonder of craftsmanship of 18th-century masters.


We have just completed the precision work with respect to its creator and this jewel begins to look for its new owner.

With the motto "Investing in history is permanent"

David Fiala


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