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Georges Jacob (1739-1814)

He was one of the most important 18th-century furniture makers. His workshop produced neoclassical-style furniture with fine carving decorations, mostly in golden or mahogany designs.

He became a respected supplier of the interiors of Queen Mary Antoinette, Louis XVIII, Charles X, Prince de Conde, and other dominions such as George IV. from England or Gustav III. from Sweden.

Jacob was born in Cheny, Burgundy. Jacob was born in Chen in Burgundy. After his father's death in 1675, he left for study at the Poříčí workshop for Jean-Babiste Lerouge. He was received master 4 September 1765, pr

esenting for his masterpiece a small chair of gilded wood, which survives. His creative talent began to promote in a neo-classicist concept. The furniture was very decorative with high utility value. The seating furniture was mostly comfortable upholstery.

Jacob becomes a company partner, and his reputation grows rapidly and eventually spread beyond France. Its buyers were kingdoms, principality and estates throughout Europe. At that time, he employed more than 300 workers, creating one of the largest workshops in his time. During the French Revolution, however, the situation rapidly changed when part of the noble clients left the country or was executed. Production operations have been greatly reduced and debts have grown, and thanks to aristocratic relations there was a risk of jail. His furniture art helped him and he became one of the main suppliers to the revolutionary government and later to Emperor Napoleon.

He retired in 1796, leaving his workshop in the hands of his sons Georges and Francois. Seven years later Georg dies and Jacob returns to the firm to help Francois. Then begins the next chapter of the famous company "Jacob Desmalter et Cie", which continued to produce Jacob.

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