Friday, 30 June 2017 09:33

How to avoid rogue travers



At a time when we live, fraudulent behavior is becoming a standard. No one is surprised that in art every fifth picture is fake, that you are not sure at all in the antiques that the piece you offer is somehow altered, obliterated or even stylistically altered. If one forgets that the unethical behavior in society is quite common and no one is surprised that the very lowest representatives of our state are behaving like that, we should face these current behaviors!



I try to consolidate the brand of our studio, which carries my name with solidity and the word has some weight. When i say something, so that's true. For many years, I've been trying to do it, and I see it as an award and our advantage.I like the trust of our customers.





Although you always know what you are buying from us, either by proven history or by well done work, everything is always confirmed by a certificate of authenticity or a thorough photo documentation and a restoration report. As a new possibility we are introducing the sale of antiques in original condition with subsequent renovation. Customer ,who is interested in the artifact, know current state before renovation and he is part of the restoration process. It's possible watch online how the progress going. You can evaluate the quality of our work, or even to visit the workshop and it is possible to try some restoration work yourself.




Do not be discouraged by the crazy contemporary look, our restorers your future treasure will resurrect in a wonderful piece like all the previous ones.

With faith in the given word

David Fiala

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