Monday, 09 January 2017 14:58

Appreciate the old furniture, will not be!!!



Sometimes I use this slogan as well as several others. It is true that antiques that are offered for sale, is fast running out, and the quality one has been come across very rarely. For that reason the quality stuff immediately sold and many times even the price does not matter. Restoration is our daily work, and so we see how the owners appreciate their antiques and increasingly fewer of them giving away and providing is for sale. But occasionally we find some interesting piece that appears. For example, we have taken to selling a beautiful neoclassical commode with extension that is beautifully inlaid with fruit trees.




Besides, it is beautiful, it is also authentic in its original condition without any restoration and secondary repair. Is remarkable that the antique from the second half of the 18th century is maintained in this condition and with the original key, with only minor signs of using.



Left me nothing more than occasionally deny my slogan and offer you a piece of history that awaiting for new owner.

David Fiala