Wednesday, 22 June 2016 11:52

Antiquities or just old furniture


Very often our customer ask us

"And this is already an antique?"

I ask myself same question.

"What is really antique?“


„ The historical furniture measurable with his age? " It's an antique what comes after the Baroque, Biedermeier, Art Nouveau and Art-deco? Not so long ago, I thought that in the prewar period, it stops and can no longer speak about antiquities.

Over time and based on the requirements of our customers.

"Oh, that we had at home"

Very often I hear from enthusiastic faces of visitors, and this may not be historical furniture from our ancestors, but any furniture which bind childhood memories of living with grandmother or our children's rooms. Therefore I believe that the antique beginning to be antiques at a time when beginning to provoke nostalgic memories, and where users create again relationship with it. And we're here to make these new antiquities original appearance and shine.