Pavel Joza

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  Born: 23 August in Zilina, Slovakia

  Live and work: Kamenice, Prague - East


  1989 – 1993 SPŠ strojní, Betlémská, Praha 1994 – 1997 Faculty of Education UK, Praha

  1998 – 2006 FaVU Brno, atelier drawings, doc. prom. ped. Václav Stratil

  Solo exhibitions:

  2003 – TEPTIN, galerie Eskort, Brno

  2006 – Lucky Loser, Club Amores Peros, Praha

  2012 – Paintings Galerie OPIDO, Kamenice, Těptín

  2016 -   Who has the heart, not mind

Pavel Joza operates independently of the current speculative trends, paints, led by their inner world and a passion for color. The images produced without prior preparation directly on the canvas as a process of spontaneous, intuitive finding subject matter and forms are manifestations of colorful fantasy world where there were no laws of physical reality.

Inspiration by natural growth and proliferation is transformed into an original painting, which creates a distinctive plastic composition abstract colored shapes. Dynamic vortex structures reminiscent of the artistic principles of Baroque art and its spiritual effort after actualization transcendent world.Even in the exhibited paintings can be seen similar, significant metaphysical focus of author and his tendency toward visionary vision, which of course fully respects the tradition of painting. They are the remarkable qualities of art.

On closer viewing of images it can challenge that under the guise of exuberant color can hide concern over the possibility of uncontrolled eruption of natural and cosmic forces that control the world and our subconscious mind.

To really understand a work of art - it requires focused attention, so lose your mind and plunge with your heart into colorful structures of these paintings and free your imagination.