Jaroslav Valečka

Jaroslav Valečka, born in 1972

Graduated in the studio of George Sopko of the Academy of Fine Arts, a member of the international movement Stuckist, among the middle generation of artists who are practicing traditional artistic media - painting and drawing. Ever since the beginning of his professional career was profiled as the author tendující the expressive symbolism and classical form. Within these categories still pursues two main thematic streams and landscapes and figural motifs. At the exhibition Diamonds of the Night were exhibited his landscapes from the years 2013 and 2014.

Jaroslav Valečka grew in former Sudetenland. Pohorská village was a wreck. Proud houses with sunken roofs, demolished cemeteries where sometimes you can find tin coffin.  Even his own house was until recently occupied by the enemy. The themes of Jaroslav Valečka are childhood memories of various village events, which have tried to newcomers to fill the void surrounding landscape. Take out death, the burning of witches, pork feast. Valečka constitutes a human presence by using the symbolism of fire and heat - (orange) and cold (blue). Fire in winter is a place that is a symbol of the primitive human pack. This is the moment when from people becoming wolves. They have a close, but at the same time in inhospitable conditions can lead to brutal conflicts for survival.

If we were looking roots of Valečka´s arts, we came to the founder of the genre Czech countryside, the romantic painter Caspar David Friedrich. Friedrich is not connected with Valečka only inspiration in the North Bohemian landscape. Valečka use of color and perspective location totemic figures, which not directed toward eternity. Cynical emptiness we admire in cycles vermeerovských women abandoned by Edward Hopper also achieved Valečka, but in a different position - a kind of ironic loneliness. AThe author tries to warm up the audience a series of questions about the meaning of their own cultural identity. In this regard, it is firmly entrenched in the global artistic movement stuckismu in movement scoffers who take tradition seriously.

Josef Záruba - Pfeffermann.