Michal Singer

Painter Michal Singer (born 1959)


One of the most significant artists of our time, which is the position of a respected author elaborated through a distinctive style and enormous energy. He realizes in painting, drawing, graphics, collage making and applied arts. He is also writing original essays, poetry and prose texts philosophical orientation. 

His works are represented in the collections of prominent state and public institutions, such as in the permanent collection of the National Gallery of Contemporary Art at the Trade Fair Palace. At the same time one of the popular authors among private collectors. In 2003, his art - theoretical jury magazine Pars praised as the best artist of the Czech Republic. Five years later he was nominated for the National Gallery Prize for Best Artist of Europe (Sovereign European Art Prize). In 2009 won honorable mention in the competition Print of the Year, this year's success is repeated. For the twenty-first anniversary of the Argo he illustrated book of Hellenistic poet Apollónia with Rhodes Argonautika, two years ago, he and a decadent poet K. H. Krchovský illustrated original book of poems Singer / Krchovský.