Raimund Ondráček

Raimund Ondráček, 1913 - 2011

His greatest works include the restoration of murals in the St. Nicholas Church in Prague and Karlstejn.

Ondrácek graduated in 1945, the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. As a painter and graphic artist exhibited at home and abroad, also participated in many exhibitions representative of Czech art.

He was a member of the Association of Czech Graphic Artists Hollar.

As a restorer helped with the rescue of heritage, not only in Czechoslovakia - worked in the castles Křivoklát and Karlštejn, repaired Prague churches and the National Theatre, but also in Bulgaria, Albania and Italy.

From 1971 to 1984 he was professor of restoration specialization at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague.

Even at an advanced age he is still working on his own art works in smaller restoration work.