Thursday, 17 May 2018 14:57

Sofa for Napoleon

Recently, during my wanderings in southern Europe, I bought an empire sofa with a stunning story. Fabulation or reality? Until that moment, I do not know myself, but the story was amazing at the time. I will leave the evaluation to you. As I said, I got an offer to buy a mahogany sofa for renovation. Its condition was not very representative, but I have already seen in my imagination its magnificent appearance when it will be completely renovated. When I heard her story, there was nothing to solve and the store was closed.

The seller told me that he is friend of Pierre Humbert, a French architect who was in charge of reconstruction the Malmaison Chateau at the beginning of the 20th century, about 15 kilometers from Paris in the town of Rueil-Malmaison. The interiors went through renovations and as it happens, the unused property was sold or disposed of. This sofa came from this estate, and it brings a number of questions.

Jóseohine de Bauharnais byla první manželkou Napoleona Bonaparte a v roce 1799 zakoupila zmíněný zámeček Malmaison , který přeměnila v rodinné sídlo a kam se Napoleon z bitev vracel. Manželství ovšem nebylo šťastné a nemělo dlouhé trvání. In 1809 the marriage collapsed and Josephine died in 1814. The castle is no longer used. The owners are changed up to the mentioned reconstruction.



So let's get back to the idea - was Napoleon Bonaparte sitting on that seat? It´s up to you. I would like to believe it, because I like nice stories.

You can view the beautiful Empire sofa in new beauty and buy it at our Atelier. Reconstruction is just finished and sofa is waiting for new owner.


With the motto "Life is composed by stories"



David Fiala