Thursday, 17 May 2018 12:26

Two opponents on stage - BIEDERMEIER versus BIEDERMEIER


We have two super-pieces in our shop. And now they will compete for your favor. Biedermeier vintage 1825 in walnut design with slightly younger Biedermeier vintage 1830 in cherry design. Both the two favorite of today's scenes are in the form as if they were just made. No wonder when we gave them such care. They were made from the finest materials of their time, including a stylish coat in the period fabric. The older rival in the walnut design gains charm with its black accessories and has 185 cm in total width. The younger rival, with a total width of 210 cm, turns out to be graceful in the bright cherry massif.





Their forces are very balanced. And so I do not know which of the participants will gain more favor of admirers. They are currently on stage in the Atelier Gallery and are waiting for your comments.

Please support one of the participants by your voice in comments under the article.

Biedermeier and Biedermeier can no longer wait for the result.

Thank you for your participation


The Fiala Atelier team