Thursday, 17 May 2018 11:37

Currently We are buying marketing - not quality



Sometimes I think about the consumption of today's society. How else than in my field.

As far as our work is concerned, I work with the historical furniture and its processing every day. When renovating always have to kind of identify with his creator, and very often we are surprised by the quality of their work, ingenuity and manufacturing mostly rarity of the pieces. When we are doing the healing process, even in the centuries of old pieces, always with great humility and respect for its creator. The dexterity and patience of the then-producers are always surprising us. It is no wonder, therefore, that we do not meet with anything other than high-quality historical furniture. But recently, I was forced by my little daughter to visit an "unnamed furniture house" and other similar shops with contemporary furniture. Not that I did not know about their production and the others, but I was fascinated by the crowds of people pushing carts full of paper boxes in which they have paper-coated or chipboard-coated furniture spread out on the plates. Disposable furniture that you have to put together and do not move anywhere to prevent them from falling apart.



However, I have to bow to current marketing as they can convince crowds to buy furniture with short service life. Or perhaps the consumption of the company it demands. The fact is that the quality of craftsmanship, the nobleness of shapes and historical value are at the edge of the interest of the population as a whole.


Fortunately, my customers are those who appreciate quality and historical value. Just for our customers, we've been renovating an interesting piece that you do not usually find. Beautiful sofa in Louis Philippe style from about 1860 made of walnut massif with graceful shapes and precise processing. At the time of its creation and the exact renovation were used the highest quality materials , such as walnut or shellac polish, polished to a mirror gloss or upholstery of horsehair, African grasses or hemp straps and fabrics. As a cherry on the cake is an exclusive fabric with a beautiful period pattern, which is embossed with a golden thread. Nowadays the noble sofa shines as much as in the middle of the 19th century, although sofa has survived a several generations , and we can still admire it and guess who sat there.




Sofa is now looking for its new owner and you can become part of its future history.

With the motto "Appreciate the old furniture - won´t be"

David Fiala

P.S. Furniture from current production will not be renovated in the future.