Wednesday, 02 May 2018 14:48

Tradition is commitment

In the 1990s, in a newly acquired democracy, I decided to do business like many others, and so I became a businessman. When I founded a firm, I did not even think that it should be named differently than me. Simply Fiala - restoration. However, at that time, I did not know how big a commitment it would be. Of course, I knew that I was follow up history of our family. Already in 1907 my great-grandfather Josef Fiala restored wall paintings in St. Michael's Cathedral on Old Town Square. His whole life he has intensively devoted to his own creation and restoration. He raised two sons who led to painting and they led their children to love art.


The fact is, I started to do business. It was not always as simple as any business. Nevertheless, I could never allow myself to do an imperfect job and dishonor a family name. I have to say that this name, or respect for my ancestors and traditions, has led me professionally so that I do not feel ashamed. Now I am glad that Atelier Fiala bears our name. We overcame the obstacles that were in the way.

Now I'm trying to lead my two children to respect their names. And don´t do a shame, but on the contrary, to perceive it as a kind of commitment.

With the motto "Get the legacy of our ancestors"

                       David Fiala