Friday, 09 March 2018 14:48

Housing with antiques or in modern style


My profession will certainly reveal my choice. And it is true that I almost always meet people of similar focus. In my proposals of interior design, sometimes I get the assignment to equip living, or just add antiques combined with modern and purposeful furniture. This work is, of course, much more complicated than unpacking, folding or installing the interior in some historical style as a whole. Selecting a suitable style for a given property is a routine based on some experience. But the combination of old and modern ... so it is about improvisation, sense, taste and also the imagination of both supplier and user. It's not quite simple, because the past and the present has no rules and the views can be very different. I am glad when the customer let me have an advice because the selection and composition of these two different styles and origins can be different by the centuries. Of course I try not to disappoint the client and I want to excite him for the final look.In this particular assignment of apartment equipment, which was supposed to be modern and efficient in combination with quality antiques, I chose as an example a dining table with chairs.




The dining room was not too spacious, but the desk deserved the position of the dominant piece of furniture. The Louis Philippe style table from the 1860s with a massive pruning central leg was absolutely satisfying. However, chairs in a similar style would not be suitable for our purpose. Therefore, it was nec I chose a graceful chairs so-called "pantonky" by architect Verner Panton from the 60s.




Its shapes blend perfectly with the smooth shapes of the table to create a harmonious whole. In this case, we have linked classic style of the 60s of the 19th century with the modern design of the 60s of the 20th century. We hope that this will last for several years, even though there is a hundred-year-old difference between them. Do not hesitate to link the past with the present. Historical furniture will add freshness and modern furniture will add nobles. Or revive your modern interior with a suitable antique as a solitaire.

David Fiala