Friday, 30 June 2017 11:32

Investing in history and art is permanent


Investing in art and antiques has always been a good investment. Even under the past regime there were a lot of "collectors" - investors, and high-quality antiques were narrow-profile goods just like everyone at that time. However, after the revolution, this business grew into great proportions, and a lot of good-quality goods came at the market at fairly low prices, which were also exported abroad. This market has stabilized over time and has started to cope with foreign prices. Exports have gradually stabilized and even antiques have begun to import back to Czech republic.




Since the economic crisis broke out in 2008, the trade began to stagnate. Except mainly in fine arts, when the quality assortment was always sold at high prices, and with more common antiques, prices were significantly reduced. We thought that this was only temporary and that prices would quickly return to their level. But even low prices did not attract investors, and business started to rise only very slowly. At present, the situation is quite different. After several years of stagnation, the art and antiques market has revived and began to rise sharply. I have always believed that art and antiques are a good commodity and a permanent investment. Now prices are higher than ever before, and I think they are still growing.



What else should hold a price than history or art. Recently, in Western Europe, the value of antiques has increased very much and this trend will soon come to us.