Friday, 30 June 2017 11:08

Nature is the greatest artist



I have been working on art of utility and art for a many years. We can admire gorgeous art or less good. The spectator can evaluate, praise and criticize. Mostly, we perceive art as the creation of a man who has a little talent or expresses his conception of this world. But in essence it is always the nature that is the greatest inspiration. For most of the time, artists have been interpreting the meaning of the nature and products of this world.



Therefore, I can boldly say that nature is the greatest artist. Nature, which will always surprise us, and is able to inspire us again and again with its beauty. The nature that created her art beauties long ago and long before we came here and before we gave art the name of art.



I'm very glad to be able to organize an exhibition of the oldest art created by our nature in cooperation with the Gallery of Stones. Mr. Šimek is dealed with the search for minerals and semi-precious stones, which are able to reveal their beauty and at the same time are useful. The installation of large-scale illuminated minerals will surely surprise you with its beauty. We open the exhibition on wednesday 14th June 2017 and cordially invite you to a guided tour from 17:00 o'clock, which will be pleased by the Indian food served by the original Curry Tikka restaurant.


We look forward to your visit.

Atelier Fiala and Gallery of Stones

David Fiala and Pavel Simek