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Is it a good investment to buy a piece from a novice artist?




This is often a question. In general, I have to say that investing in art is always a good investment, but the question is how much or how fast the price of an artifact will rise. If you decide to invest in art, you can go in two ways.

You go by way of security and invest in a partially-renowned author who has already set the market price and will expect his price to grow further, but you are currently buying it at its peak, for example at an auction at a merchant who definitely does not offer the work under price and so on.



You can take more risks and invest in the artist (or in the purchase of the image), which is certainly not renowned and whose glory is still awaited. This investment is, of course, uncertain, but it can have a great deal of appreciation in the future.




Of course, it depends on many circumstances. How his work will appeal to the viewer, how he will be productive, what marketing will have and, last but not least, he also depends on happiness. The fact is that every purchase of his image is a small step to celebrate the author and appreciate your investment. If we do not currently support contemporary artists, it would not be the old masters in the future. Irrespective of finance, the work should attract investors. It is an art that should be enjoyed. Future profits should already be such a superstructure.



My recommendation is to invest in the painting of Paul Filin, an artist who creates an unconventional technique - oil paint with a spatula with a surprising combination of colors with a distinct play of light and shadow. The essence of his paintings are emotions, symbols, moods and qualities, mostly in figures and acts. Exceptionally, it also forms architecture and still life. But his works always have dynamics and emotional charge. In my opinion, he is an artist with great potential. I already have several paintings in my collection.


And his future price? If it is gradual ... but guaranteed!

Everything else will be learned in the future ... and maybe it will surprise us.

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Motto is "Investment in art is permanent",

David Fiala