Friday, 30 June 2017 09:13

Collector and his world



I'm lucky to have a profession, which surround me a bunch of people with similar interests. They are lovers of old times, admirers of art and collectors of anything. Whatever the artifacts in their viewfinder, they have one thing in common. It's a "collector's passion". From my point of view I have to say that whoever does not have it, is a little depressed. The first weekend of May we organized the veterans' meeting for the seventh time. Every year, the participation and the prestige of this event increase. Over 120 cars were attended this year and more than 1,200 spectators arrived.



When it meets so many people with the same interest, it is an inspiring and great atmosphere. There is always something to admire and desire. Enthusiasm of collectors and re-inventors into their work is charming. The exhibition of strollers and their development over the years was also interesting. The whole event was completed with a fashion show of period suits. There was something to drink and eat, so the atmosphere was great.



We have also been pleased with the experts' statement that our event is currently the most interesting and the largest of its kind in Prague thanks to accompanying programs and the number of visitors.



We invite you to the same event next year.

For the Veterans Club of Horní Počernice

David Fiala