Tuesday, 27 June 2017 14:00

... and what can you fix?



With a smile on my face, I answer that everything can be repaired, but it depends on the effort and the financial burden of the customer, it goes hand in hand. Of course, the applicants always receive information or reasoning on the extent to which it is right to invest from a commercial point of view. Not always the price of renovation is decisive. Very often, we are talking to customers about the investment, given the state of the matter, with the prospect that buyers can buy a similar thing after renovation at a lower price. Finance is not important many times, because relation to the matter can be more valuable, such as an inheritance, or a memory or nostalgia.




Our reason why we went into renovating an almost unrenewable piece was somewhat simpler. We wanted to answer the question asked (... what you can fix). So we embarked into Louis Philippe sofa in a very bad condition, knowing that the price of the renovation would exceed the value of the thing. Total work time exceeded 120 hours. The renovation of the structure was about 80 hours and the upholstery was 40 hours. When we add the price of a good quality fabric, it is obvious that the total renovation price has exceeded its price. But we are pleased that we were proud to answer the question and also save one interesting piece, otherwise it would probably end up in the slump of history.




Sofa is now available for a subsidized price of 39,000 CZK. You can become owner and the history of interesting antiquity can continue. You can read more at http://www.atelier-fiala.cz/en/blog

The entire renovation process in Nova's 3-minute TV record can be viewed at http://tn.nova.cz/clanek/takhle-se-delaji-zazraky-aneb-zachrana-stare-pohovky-krok-po-kroku.html