Tuesday, 27 June 2017 11:51

... and then that the time can not be stopped



In my journeys on antique reviews, I traveled through many regions, picturesque and forgotten places of our beautiful country. I recently visited Tachov, where I was asked to review some of the historic properties. Then, during coffee and polite discussions, we have come to my hobby in old cars. The young man, who was also present at the same time, said: "And what about the grandfather´s MB car that we have in the garage ..."




In the following story, I learned that in 1969, also in my year of birth, ancestor of my hosts bought the already mentioned Škoda 1000 MB car, but almost did not drive with it. And for the past 15 years, no one has ever started him. My curiosity was endless, and I did not even have to persuaded them so long. When I opened the garage, the passion of the collector awakened in me. Inside,was the same car as my first toy car and in a perfectly perfect condition. If I refused to think of that tiny layer of dust, then i will think that the car just got out of Mototechna. Collector's enthusiasm did not end, and it seemed like a miracle. For nearly 50 years, the MBecko, which has only 20,000 kilometers on the first tire, and it is in a superb condition. For me, the time stopped and I returned to the 70's. I have begun to persuade current owners to sell - the passion of the collector does not know the compromise. Even though the price was bigger than at Mototechna, I became the proud owner of the MB car, which would not be ashamed even the museum in Mladá Boleslav.




I'm glad to be able to boast with my new car at the upcoming Veteran Party 2017 - the veterans' meeting, which I like to invite you. Come and see other pieces of cars on Chvalská tvrz on Saturday, May 6, 2017.

With the passion of collector David Fiala