Tuesday, 27 June 2017 11:28

TEFAF - the world's largest art and antiques fair



I often answer questions about the antique market. What is his development, whether it is appropriate to invest in art, what kind of antique, or so, can be, and so on. I try to answer objectively at that time and situation.

If I have to summarize the development of the past 10 years, I have to orientate myself in the situation in the current market not only in our Czech basin, but also in the world market. So I went to the biggest TEFAF world trade fair in Maastricht, Netherlands. Soon it will be almost ten years when the antiques and art shops have been greatly affected by the economic crisis. Except for high-quality art, prices have fallen sharply. The commodity market stagnated and grew very slowly.




At present, when we see economic growth, the antique business has also revived in the market and, in many ways, surpasses the pre-crisis prices and interest of investors. I have always argued that art and antiques are a good commodity and a permanent investment, and that history should be properly valued. That's why I went to the TEFAF, where I discovered how the future art and antiques market will be developed in the world and then in our country. The world's population is beginning to appreciate history more and more. Modernists of the 20th century are not as trendy as in our country. The world market is increasingly focusing on fine arts, old masters of the 19th and 18th centuries and, of course, older. For art and antiques, it is a baroque, Louis Philippe, classicism and the 19th century. This commodity is highly prized and the prices are much higher than in our country. Even the antiques are influenced by fashion and these trends will soon reach to us.




So, my advice is to invest in quality antiques as long as there is time, prices are good and until it is what to buy.

With the motto "Investing in art is permanent ..."

David Fiala


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