Wednesday, 10 May 2017 10:19

The secretary, on which František Palacký wrote the Memory of the nation



In my work I met interesting historical objects and their current owners, who are the descendants of the original owners and so on .... The fates of our ancestors or their antiquities that have been part of them are many times very interesting. In the summer, a descendant of František Palacký turned to me, who is, among other things, a friend of mine since my youth years, to take on one more antiquity, as I have done several times in the past years. At the Maleč Chateau, where František Ladislav Rieger and František Palacký worked, I regularly drive and our work helps with the building of a future exposition.




This time we received an extra piece - a renaissance secretary of extraordinary processing. Intarsie stacked into architectural patterns with a detailed perspective and detailed figures. Just a splendor. Another surprise for us was the arrangement of the inner part. Frequency of drawers, secret boxes, and their processing, rather indicated the period of classicism, and therefore we turned to the art historian from the monument office that is a specialist in the field. Together, we found that the secretary came from the renaissance period, but that the inner part of the secretary was made in classicism, and at that time this piece of furniture was modernized, perhaps adapted to the needs of the time. Such adjustments over time have been quite common and furniture has been fully served for generations. With such repairs, it is a certain excitement for us who could use all the different antiques, how and to whom they could serve. In the case of our secretary, our feelings are enhanced by the idea that František Palacký wrote the Memories of the nation and then Frantisek Ladislav Rieger. Our work is done with great respect not only to original users, original or current owners, but also to craftsmen who have made these treasures. We are also proud to be able to repair such beautiful antiques and bring back their original beauty and shine. And so their history can continue.