Tuesday, 15 November 2016 14:32

Baroque desk exceptional quality


In our work, we meet a lot of interesting antiques, furniture, as well as their special destiny. Earlier this year, I spoke to an older lady - a widow who has after her husband,also furniture restorer, tools, materials and unfinished furniture. Her husband left his workshop and this world more than 20 years ago and since then in the workshop was no one. A visit to the kingdom of restorer for me was shrouded in mystery and with some excitement, I walked into a forgotten world. I felt like a kid in a toy store. In the corner of the workshop stood a huge baroque table. In terrible condition, disassembled for parts, needed reconstruction but its shapes, rich inlay revealed that this is something extraordinary. However after the inspection, I decided that the whole table is due to improper storage and high humidity in a very degraded state, and most of the inlay sloughs spontaneously and that the renovations will be very challenging.




Due to the uniqueness of the piece it is necessary, without doubt, save the table. After all, if we didn´t do this one piece of history would disappear.

The lady sold me the table with the words "My husband would have wanted it," and we let go to work. It was a difficult and long-term restoration, but the result is worth it. Now it is exhibited in our gallery of antiques and awaits its new owner, which will be serve.




We are pleased that its history will continue with the words "Appreciate your old furniture - it won't be"

David Fiala