Wednesday, 27 July 2016 15:22

Furniture Venetian masters from the 17th century in Kroměříž


Master piece of Venetian masters of the 17th century. Master piece of Venetian masters of the 17th century. The construction of the massive ebony and inlaid with ivory, which is engraved engraving in animal scenes. The furniture is installed at the Archbishop's palace in Kroměříž.



Furniture was probably make by Francesco Morosini in Venice in the 17th century and Archbishop of Olomouc Theodor Kohn bought it in the 19th century and took on Kromeříž castle. Furniture has central european expression, but it is evident the influence of the orient. It was common in Venice. The entire ensemble is perceived as unique with the original concept of the author.



Archbishopric of Olomouc in the middle of last year contacted us, in case of the restoration of this unique collection of furniture come from Venice. For our studio it was a challenge and ten month of interesting work with great humility and respect for the craft masters of the 17th century. Our admiration lay not only in respect of processing, but also scenes that bind to religious symbols. One of the attractions was the central theme of the table inlaid ivory St. George on horseback, who doesn´t kill a dragon by javelin as we know, but with scimitar. So we see how much influence had the orient on Venetians. This case was not unique and during our work, we met with a lot of variations. Furniture restoration work has been very interesting and inspiring.