Tuesday, 12 July 2016 14:10

How to choose a quality antiques

New standards in arranging Antibes

The society continues to evolve and, with it, their needs and standards. And not otherwise in our activities. Our goal is to continually improve and expand services in the areas of our activities, including restoration. Lately we are seeing increasing demand for advice when buying antiques. Although you have a clear awareness of the antiques that you want to buy, but it is not necessarily advantageous as you imagine. It can cause a number of reasons. A given artifact could be overpriced due to its historical value or it could be improved only for eye for profitably sold. With this fact we see very often - they are unreliable practices of traders. Although the piece condition seemingly good or perhaps renovated, the subsequent costs of renovation are much greater than the things greatly neglected.

Therefore, we focused on searching for quality antiques with their true historical value, quality of workmanship and without secondary operations improper repairs. Customer are presented antiquities in the condition before the renovation with clearly procedures renovation plan and its cost. The customer is thus part of the whole process of renovation, which is documented in detail and can even watch process online. Antiquities are then provided with a certificate or by an estimate and restoration reports. The new owner has assured that he bought valuable antiques with quality renovation and for a reasonable price. Our new service includes: search demanded antiquities in Czech republic or abroad for favorable price, which will be always consulted. Also we evaluate its condition, renovation and costs. We restore an antiquities in quality way, whole process will be documented and provided by certificate or an estimate. The financial cost you will pay after whole completion and if you will be satisfied. Then we provide all service, including work on your antiquities in the future.