Wednesday, 22 June 2016 10:12

... like a phoenix from the ashes

The first contact with the customer very often we asked, "And it's worth it to renovate?" Restorer can not give completely unambiguous answer. If there is already an antique in a very degraded condition and restoration expenditures are already to a given piece of very high, so from a business perspective renovation financially probably already too disadvantageous. But there's the other side, preservation of historical artifacts. Things that lived here before us for centuries. If we do not save it by renovations, it will end up in the dustbin of history.



Recently customer turned to us and he brought torso sofas in the style of Louis Philippe, that was unidentified. After inspection and restoration survey, we observed that the renovations is not worth it financially. So we have offered him that he can buy similar sofa cheaply. Customer response was unequivocal.


"It's the only thing that was found on grounds of the historic house that I bought, although in terrible condition.

But that simply belongs there. "




We appreciate customers access,he is the one who saved the historical piece! And for us it was a challenge.

"Is it possible so destroyed historic piece of furniture to save?"



Yes it is, if you unite enthusiastic collectors with passion restorer. The restored sofa from 1880 decorate beautifully restored house from 19th century .

"Appreciate the old furniture, will not be."

Team Atelier Fiala