Wednesday, 22 June 2016 09:53

About the restoration of the bedrooms of the archbishop's palace in Kroměříž

t_0168_1328.jpgWe are honored that we were able to participate in the restoration of such valuable cultural heritage, as we see here at the Archbishop's castle. Each work of this type is a challenge for us and are pleased that we can contribute to saving historical artifacts as testimony of history. All the more so if it is so unique furniture, such as bedroom sets, which in the 19th century Theodor Khon bought by Italian masters. Work on this file is absolutely fabulous. Whenever we stand in front of such a piece of furniture, we work with great humility and respect for the craft of the time. Only an awareness of what equipment and with what accuracy and precision our ancestors once worked. Despite the fact that today we have the technology and new materials, it is essential for us always use original techniques using traditional materials.IMG_5446menší.JPG

For intarsia in this particular case, the bedroom, were stacked together disparate materials such as ferrous metals - brass - copper - tin - fruit trees - pearl and ivory. Materials having different characteristics by their density, extensibility, strength and appearance. With each of these materials works differently, but the result must be equally perfect. All construction parts of bedrooms were heavily attacked by wood-destroying pests - woodworm. After decontamination by irradiation was decided to maintain the original polishes due to its good condition. However, destruction of woody materials under the veneer was in some places considerable. It was therefore necessary to remove veneer, harden wood mass and veneer glued back into place so that the veneer or varnish didn´t damage.

We encountered a legislative problem. The law is not permitted to trade in raw materials such as ivory. We had to replace the missing parts, of another material, or another similar bone properties and appearance. Finding such material was not easy. After many tests, we chose the bones of deer and antelope.

As I have already said, this type of contract was a challenge for us and we are glad for that. The result of our work is for us pleasing and not always the most important is a financial reward.index.jpg